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55 Anticorrosive pigment HEUCOPHOS ® ZCP-PLUS Heubach 8. Reduces the time required for the dispersion process and stabilization of the pigment dispersion. More Info; BYK-019. The Echo Colors Extra Strength are water-based, fluorescent pigment dispersions. BYKUMEN lower molecular weight unsaturated acidic polycarboxylic acid polyester, anionic, to improve pigment wetting and stabilize the pigment dispersion. Dispersing agents in pigment dispersion what are the criteria for choosing the best dispersing agents in pigment dispersion? how the anionic, cationic , or non ionic type of dispersing agents play Pigment dispersion syndrome 1. 2 Pigment Dispersion Step 2 - Pigment dispersal The primary purpose of the dispersion process is to break down pigment aggregates and agglomerates to their optimum pigmentary particulate size and distributes these pigment particles evenly throughout the similar medium, i. 20 Microns (Average) Percent Solids: 42 – 46% pH 7. 5% binder resin, 58. Color pigments may be dispersed directly into a coating or dispersed as a color concentrate that is stored and later used to tint a coating. It provides excellent thickening, package stability and pigment suspension. under the array of our offerings that are processed by following environmentally friendly procedures. J. It can be easily incorporated into the manufacturing cycle with medium shear dispersion equipment. The efficiency of RHEOCIN is sensitive to temperature and system polarity. Improves pigment loading, specifically with carbon black pigments, and leveling. Ultrasound biomicroscopy in asymmetric pigment dispersion syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma. 25 Solvent Exxsol D 60 Exxon 0. Effect Pigments. . In the final product, the film shows a higher transparency and homogeneity, BYK reports. a chemical additive used in pharmaceutics to cause the even distribution of the ingredients throughout the product, such as in dermatological emulsions containing both oil and water. BYK's wetting and dispersing additives result in a fine and homogeneous distribution of solid particles in liquid media and ensure the long-term stability of such systems. 2. 1 Particle Size (Volume): < 0. BYK-P 104 Pigment Dispersant. Sample Report for Indian Export Data of Byk 014. 5 BYK®- 7420 ES. Provides stable, predictable, reproducible thixotropic viscosity and pigment suspension in a myriad of cosmetic formulation types. Add to the grind. However, regression of pigment deposition, decrease of iris transillumination and even stabilization of pressure has also been noted in some, mostly younger, patients. In the concluding Step 3, the pigment dispersion must be stabilized in order to prevent the formation of uncontrolled flocculation. BYK-1679 is a silicone defoamer on the basis of an emulsion for aqueous textile coatings. A dispersant or a dispersing agent or a plasticizer or a superplasticizer is either a non-surface Unfortunately, colloidal dispersions such as the pigment dispersions in liquid coatings are inherently unstable, and they must be stabilized against  From wetting and dispersion additives to foam control agents. Grind. Dispersion of Solids in PP. 1-1. Recommended Levels 0. Dosage: A level of 0. Acts as a wetting and dispersing agent for emulsion systems. Agglomerates represent pigment “groupings” in which the spaces between the individual pigment particles contain air and moisture. 05 Iron oxide red Bayferro x 130 M Bayer 7. If the pigment dispersion is a curable pigment dispersion or inkjet ink, organic solvent(s) are preferably fully replaced by one or more monomers and/or oligomers to obtain the liquid dispersion medium. 2The effect of pre-polymer and the ratio of pigment to pre-polymer on the dispersivity of UV-curable inkjet ink. They demonstrate a high level of versatility: first, they can create impressive optical effects, and second, they offer practical benefits. Optimize the use levels of Powdermate EX2015 for specifi c formulations & pigment combinations. The tiny bits of pigment can clog your eye's drainage angle. BYK®-P 4102 adsorbs on the pigment or filler surface, thus ensuring improved and more consistent dispersion. Visual function was undisturbed. As described later in more detail, suitable measures are used to keep the individual pigment particles at 1. The manufacturing process begins with milling atomized aluminium powder to the desired particle size and form in white spirit / mineral spirits with the addition of lubricating additives. Germany's BYK-Chemie GmbH has introduced Disperbyk®-2155, a new wetting and dispersing additive that is said to assist the formulation of pigment  BYK Additives & Instruments, part of the Altana group, has introduced a new polymeric processing additive for use in filled thermoplastic compounds and colour  performance in pigment dispersions, such as a reduction in grind viscosity, syneresis control, emulsion stability, and low For the red iron oxide pigment dispersion, we also benchmarked the efficiency of these products . Orion Launches Carbon Black Pigment for Automotive and Appliance Coatings  To fix the pigment is important for a good metallic pigment orientation. Flocculation is the association of pigment particles, which have been dispersed in a liquid paint medium, and is the result of forces of attraction (e. . Dear sirs i need a good dispersing agent to disperse carbone black pigment in polyolpolyether , pigment concentration should be 40 to 50 percent of the total formulation the viscosity should be liquid pumpubale if you can advise commercials names of polyolpolyether, dispersing agent and carbone black pigment will be nice the application is to color the flexible Rather, work has to be done on the mixture in order to break down the aggregates and ensure that the resin coats the small particle surfaces. Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS), a bilateral disorder, occurs when pigment is lost from the posterior surface of the iris and is redistributed to the structures of the anterior and posterior chambers. Polyester, anionic. Variety of blade and shaft styles for laboratory dispersers. It. Suitable for dispersion of inorganic pigment and fillers. Is mainly used in the dispersion of carbon blacks and organic phthalo pigments (blue and green). They can be used in a wide variety of thermoplastic polymers including polyethylene, polystyrene, Abs, polypropylene and pvC. DuPont Pigment Dispersion in Liquids . If this pigment grinding step is not optimized, a wide variety of defects can occur: Flocculation Gloss reduction Color shift Separation, formation of Bénard cells Settling. O PTIGEL C L is compatible with most emulsions, pigments or extenders. basf. It increases gloss, improves leveling, shortens the dispersing time and stabilizes the pigment dispersion. BYK® -154 reduces viscosity and stabilizes pigments through electrostatic repulsion. BYK silicone additive with strong slip increase, substrate wetting, and low foam stabilization. 30 mm OS). 52 mm OD and 2. It is used to wet inorganic fillers (and inorganic pigments) in systems in which solvents need to be avoided. 11. DISPERPLAST -1018 by BYK Altana Group is a highly functionalized copolymer with pigment affinic groups. Dispersed pigments have a strong tendency to return to their initial agglomerated state. Pigment dispersion syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma—a major review. A further object of the present invention is to provide a water-based pigment dispersion which is in particular suitable for the dispersion of inorganic pigment such as titanium oxide, and which has low viscosity and excellent color-developing property. It can improve pigment dispersion and enhance stability. Mix 10 minutes Uradil AZ 800 668. Ophthalmol. Adjust pH 9,0 - 9,5 with ammonia. CFS-A24 can be used as a surface modifier and dispersing agent for inorganic pigments. BYK-300, 301 (polyether modified silicone with Medium Reduction of Surface Tension improving pigments wetting and increasing slip for solvent-based coatings), 302 (solvent free version of 300 for solvent-based, solvent-free, and aqueous coatings), 331, 332, 336. paints and pigment preparations for non-aqueous and aqueous systems. 02 Binder DSM Coating Resins Premix the following two Dispersing Agent | Functions of Dispersing Agent | Trade Names of Dispersing Agent. The present invention provides: an aqueous pigment dispersion characterized by comprising a first dispersant, a second dispersant, water, and an azo pigment which is represented by formula (1) given in the description and which, in analysis by diffractometry with CuKα characteristic X-ray, shows characteristic X-ray diffraction peaks at least at Bragg angles (2θ±0. PRIMAL AC-412 has been designed for the formulation of environmentally friendly, low odour, interior wall paints. Optimum performance at the lowest dosage. The roots of ALTANA AG reach back to the year 1873, when Dr. Kanadani FN, Dorairaj S, Langlieb AM et al. TS-6200 is suitable for most exterior applications, including automotive, powder, coil and general industrial. Dispersant 2150 has good color extending and viscosity reduction effect. BYK is suited for use with unsaturated polyesters, acrylic/vinyl. Disperse dyes are insoluble in water and form aqueous dispersion in water. ; a dissolver or an equal dispersing device is used. This article focuses on the dispersion of color pigment to make color pigment concentrates, hereafter referred to as color concentrates. One of the most important steps in the production of pigmented coatings is the homogeneous distribution of solid pigments within the liquid binder solution. com/ formulation-additives little helpers love great achievements. Sometimes, it can be advantageous to add a small amount of an organic solvent to improve the dissolution of the dispersant. Since liberated pigment floats freely within the aqueous, some of the pigment granules may also move posteriorly behind the lens equator, where they accumulate at the region of High-molecular weight dispersing agent offering high efficiency in carbon black pigments. The key benefits demonstrated in this work were: • Additions of 0. The Echo Extra Strength Color Dispersions have been designed for use in water-based, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Trihydroxystearin. Clin Experiment Ophthalmol . Depending on the requirements and the area of application, effect pigments also offer functional properties such as conductivity and heat reflection, or protection against corrosion and the weather. It requires intense energy input through high sheering in liquids or pulverization in powders. Additionally, when dealing with a medium gloss surface, a wave-scan dual uses a infrared high energy LED to measure the spectrum. 20 Solvent Exxsol D 60 Exxon 0. Spatter is reduced and excellent brushability is provided. 67056 Ludwigshafen. Conductivity decreases with increasing additive concentration, but in the case of the chemically bonded additive, the conductivity of the dispersion remained high even at higher additive loadings. We are committed to delivering technology innovations that enable black and color dispersion solutions for our customers. This easy-to-use test method is called the Optimization Test Method. Dispersion mechanism. 1. Matting wax dispersion based on modified PE for aqueous coatings, as well as printing inks and overprint varnishes for improved surface protection. Additionally, transparency and hiding power are increased. It allows formulators to identify instability of the pigment dispersion and determine the optimum Find out more about BYK's wetting and dispersing additives. The pigment dispersion comprises the following components in the following mass percentage: 10%˜20% pigment, 1. Get Price And Support Online; Three Roll Mill - Mixers. They can be further formulated to meet specific needs by adding other solid or liquid ingredients. If added according to these suggestions, the colored pigments will not detract from any of the properties of clear epoxy. Premix and add while mixing. While his axial eye lengths are symmetrical his anterior chamber depth on the right side is deeper than the left (3. BYK-017. One Packs. Without proper dispersion, efficacy is compromised improvement of pigment, filler and on black glass panels verses formulas with BYK® 420 and Disparlon® AQ 610. The pigment dispersion according to claim 1, wherein the medium is an organic solvent, deionized water, or deionized water and a solvent. The 2 rare entities, pigmentary dispersion syndrome and pigmented pattern dystrophy of the retinal pigment epithelium, were found in a young male patient. Pigment Dispersion particles play a significant role in determining the end properties of lacquers, paints or printing inks. coatings, since the degree of pigment dispersion The pigment dispersing process in powder coatings is . -% based on the total weight of the pigment dispersion. Although additives help with wetting and stabilization, it is critical to choose the proper dispersion equipment to achieve the desired result. The various suppliers and procuvers of the solutions provides an option to customize and meet the requirements to the fullest. Rotor Stator Dispersion Systems from BYK The design of a rotor-stator, also known as a rotor-stator homogenizer consists of a rotating rotor and a stationary stator. In order for a product to have a uniform appearance throughout, a color meter (also known as a spectrophotometer) must be used. Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Quaternium-90 Bentonite, Propylene Carbonate. The pigment dispersion according to claim 4, wherein the anionic pigment dispersant is a polymer amine-based pigment dispersant. After a screening and classification process, the pigment suspension in the BYK-155/35 is a polymeric anionic dispersing additive which does not stabilize foam. withstand oxidation or microbial degradation. Pigment synergist for solvent-borne and solvent-free coating systems. Pigments are usually incorporated in the coating in the form of dry pigment powders. As the binder penetrates into the pigment agglomerates and wets the surface of the primary particles, the wetting stage is continuously transformed into the pigment dispersing stage. Further, the pigment dispersion is progressive along with the risk of elevated pressure as eventually 30 -50% of patients develop glaucoma. Stabilizes the pigment dispersion DISPERPLAST® -1018 by Byk (Altana Group) is a highly functionalized copolymer with pigment affinic groups. Germany www. Dispersing agents commonly used in skin creams, lotions, and ointments include glyceryl monostearate, sodium lauryl sulfate, and polyethylene glycol derivatives. As Y-25X anti-settling additive contains no water, it is safe for use in metallic pigmented systems. D-111 . The pigments are not primary particles, they are agglomerates. Arch. 71 1. View detailed Import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of byk 9076 Import Data and Price of byk 9076 | Zauba Skip to main content BYK® -W 9010 by BYK (Altana Group) is a copolymer with acidic groups. One can take out the pigment dispersant in a given formulation and replace it with just enough alkanolamine to restore the paint’s original properties. Organic Pigments. It is of advantage to disperse TIXOGEL MP 250 using high shearing forces, too, however TIXOGEL MP 250 is comparably easy to disperse. Besides these, “Silco Sperse HLD-5” can also be considered good, but slightly less so than the others mentioned above. Click below on our Supplier/ Principles link for more specifics and to request a sample. BYK® -3955 P by Byk (Altana Group) is a copolymer with pigment-affinic groups, adsorbed on silicon dioxide. It is a hydrogenated castor oil derivative. Pigment accumulation in the trabecular meshwork reduces aqueous outflow facility and may result in elevation of intraocular pressure (IOP), as seen in pigment dispersion syndrome, or in optic nerve damage associated with visual field loss, as seen in pigmentary glaucoma. More Info BYK,, defoaming for solvent-based or solvent-free systems during paint production, filling and application. 3. 12 BYK Oil phase, organic phase TIXOGEL Mastergels Fully activated natural organophilic layered silicates Benefits • Ready for use gels • Can be incorporated with simple stirrers • Cost reduction and time-saving in production • Eliminate use of dry powder dispersion • Constant rheological efficiency due to optimum dispersion and Because there are often no symptoms, pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) is usually diagnosed during a regular eye exam. It is particularly recommended for carbon black pigments. The dispersion process Step 1. 5%˜12% dispersant, 0. The pigment content is chosen such that after dispersion a non flowable pigment paste is generated. Upgrade your ball mill process by . Aqueous pigment dispersions are pigments premixed and dispersed in water ready to use with fresco. In SMC and in pultrusion applications, BYK-W 974 optimizes the wetting of carbon fibers and therefore the mechanical properties. FTIR studies showed that chemical bonding of one of the additives on the surfaces of both pigments had occurred. It is disperser of titanium dioxide and inorganic pigments; It has outstanding viscosity reduction, excellent whiteness and good liquidity which can effectively improve DOI; pigment and filler dispersion, and are also used to reduce odors or VOC emissions. However, because pigment dispersion syndrome is a risk factor for the development of ocular hypertension, all patients with this disorder should undergo periodic eye examinations. 70 Glycol ether Solvenon PP BASF 0. BYK/Altana, Aquatix 8421, A wax emulsion to improve the effect pigment orientation in aqueous  are registered trademarks of BYK Additives. When a mineral is dispersed in water using Dispex products, this negative attraction reduces the interaction between particles, thus lowering the viscosity of the mineral slurry or paint mill-base. Wetting and Dispersing Additives. Due to the small particle sizes of the deflocculated pigments, high gloss is achieved and color strength improved. A universal non-ionic dispersing agent for pigments and ˜llers in manufacture of paints and pigment preparations for non-aqueous and aqueous systems. Stabilizing the pigment dispersion by using additives also prevents shock phenomena when mixing the pastes and when finalizing. Yip LW, Sothornwit N, Berkowitz J, Mikelberg FS. BYK-110 . , 1996, Shuba et al. Prevents foam during grinding. RADIANT COLOR N. 00 Corrosion inhibitor HEUCORIN RZ® Heubach 1. Pigments must be properly wetted, de-agglomerated/dispersed and uniformly distributed and stabilized (Figure 3) in order to achieve maximum color intensity, gloss, and hiding power. Pigment dispersion. 0 – 1. BYK-W 9011 improves the wetting and dispersion of the most common fillers such as calcium carbonate and ATH (aluminum trihydroxide). Improves pigment dispersion and stability in liquid organic media. The spectrophotometer is used to ensure that the color meets specifications, but gloss also needs to be measured. Acts as a wetting- and dispersing agent. A comparison of interocular differences in patients with pigment dispersion syndrome. 0 - 8. Dispersant, dispersing agent, polymer dispersant manufacturer / supplier in China, offering polymer dispersant for organic and inorganic pigment against BYK, FS-640 liquid surfactant for aluminum electroplating, FS-660 high quality surfactants used in the process of electroplating and so on. ECKART is one of the leading international manufacturers of metallic and pearlescent pigments for the paints and coatings industry, the printing industry, the plastics, lightweight concrete industries and the cosmetics industry. 78 Dispersing angent BYK Slowly sift the following. It’s been that way since our start in 1954. Joe Jarosz is an engineer who was diagnosed with pigment dispersion syndrome while in his 40s. Provides better flocculation resistance, increased pigment concentration and better tinctorial properties. These pigments must be fully extended or dispersed in a vehicle to get as close as possible to primary particle size to see the full development of color. prepared from at least one diglycidyl ether (A) of the general formula (I) at least one polyether monoamine (B) of the general formula (II) Rt—[OEt]n[OPr]m[OBu]s—NH2 (II), ically induced activation of pigment particles. More Info; BYK-UV 3500. The pigment dispersion resin is therefore required to have both wettability with regard to pigment and pigment dispersion stability. Full text Iris surface pigmentation Pigment accumulation on the anterior surface of the iris often appears as concentric rings within the iris furrows. The wave-scan dual uses a laser light source to detect the optical profile of a high gloss surface. They must also be free of foam, provide excellent leveling, adhere well and have surface characteristics such as smoothness, scratch and abrasion resistance, and also enhanced ease of cleaning. Best we ng, polyester, amphoteric and low viscosity. Stabilization of a pigment dispersion requires time and energy. Acts as a thixotropic agent. 124,1573-1576 (2006). Rheological control with RHEOCIN provides excellent thickening effect and pigment suspension. In the final product, the film shows a higher transparency and homogeneity. Color Meter | The color and gloss of a product has a lot to do with its overall appearance. Say goodbye to your pigment dispersion & stabilization issues by applying proven time-savers & pragmatic procedures in daily practice. Excellent we ng. It has proved particularly e˚ective in systems formulated with di˛cult-to-disperse pigments e. BYK®-9076 is a solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-borne and solvent-free coatings, adhesives, PVC plastisols, ambient curing resin systems, and for the production of colour masterbatches for thermoplastics. Wetting of the pigment particles by the fluid components of the mill base 2. Simultaneously, the pigment is deflocculated; a prerequisite for high-gloss and color-stable topcoats. It is a powdered processing additive for powder coatings. BYK-014. For pigment dispersion syndrome with normal or only slightly elevated IOP, there is a low risk of damage to the optic nerve. Pigment wetting dispersion & stabilization in solvent based pigment affinitygroup paints & coatings. dispersion for the pigment. Grind gages are used in controlling the production, storage and application of dispersion products produced by milling in the paint, plastic pigment, printing ink,   Hall Technologies provides the latest color pigments and dyes, functional fillers and Pigment Dispersions for Waterborne Coatings; Pigment Dispersions for  Color: The darkness and undertone of the pigment is typically measured with Ease of Use: The dispersion time, dispersant loading, the type of milling equipment required and The BYKO name is a trademark of BYK-Gardner USA. Normally a content of approximately 30% organic pigment and 70% inorganic pigment is necessary to obtain these conditions. Offers improved pigment wetting. The data  BYK 348 from BYK Chemie or Tego's Tegowet 270. AQUATIX 8421 Rheology-modifying wax emulsion based on a modified EVA copolymer wax to improve the effect pigment orientation in aqueous coatings. 05 Magnesium silicate Luzenac 10 MO Luzenac 8. The dispersing time is about 30 min. 75%˜7. 41 Colour pigment Huntsman High Speed Disperse to 7+ NS Hegman Slowly add the following to above vortex. VOC-free silicone defoamer for aqueous pigmented dispersion coatings and printing inks highly effective against microfoam. water 2. BYK-W 997, 9011 (for Filled Unsaturated Polyester and Epoxy Systems) BYKOPLAST (Combination of anionic and amphoteric tensides for Non Polar Liquid Color Concentrates Based on Organic Pigments) BYKUMEN (lower molecular weight unsaturated acidic polycarboxylic acid polyester, anionic, to improve pigment wetting and stabilize the pigment dispersion) An aqueous cyan pigment dispersion was prepared by the same method as described above except that the types and amounts of the pigment used, the anionic group-containing organic polymer compound used, the bio-nanofibers used, and the colloidal silica used were changed to those described in each of examples. 0% calculated on the total quantity of the paint system is recommended. The pigment dispersing resin of this invention which comprises copolymer produced in the afore-mentioned manner is used for the preparation of water-based pigment dispersion. Silicone surface additive for radiation-curable coating systems and printing inks with a strong reduction of surface tension. com offers 154 byk dispersant products. FLUORESCENT PIGMENT DISPERSIONS DAYGLO Echo Extra Strength Color Dispersions are based on non-formaldehyde, fluorescent pigment technology. Acts as a thixotrope and gellant for oil phases. Consider the typical semi-gloss latex formula below. BYK-1724 is recommended for defoaming dispersion coatings based on pure acrylate, acrylate/polyurethane and polyurethane in the pigment volume concentration range (PVC) 0-25. Vacuum dispersion is a practical approach to eliminate air entrapment during the dispersing process. Provide powerful charge repulsion property 5. e. Pigment Dispersion Syndrome. The patient has extensive angle recession and has a secondary pigment dispersion syndrome in the right eye. It has outstanding result of reducing viscosity. In the pigment dispersion liquid of the embodiments of the invention, the pigment can be selected from any organic pigment used in the prior existing pigment dispersion liquid, preferably from one or more of a red pigment, a yellow pigment, a blue pigment, a green pigment, a and violet pigment. Used in dispersion adhesives. The additives stabilize pigments (inorganic, organic and also effect pigments) and fillers. BYK-018. W & D TM 1070: Modified' polyurethane polymeric dispersant inxylene: Wetting, dispersion and stabilization of azo pigments, polymeric dispersant inxylene polycyclics in NC, Vinyl, acrylic, polyester, acrylic PU, epoxy-amine cured. Packaging: CFS-A24 is offered in 25L cardboard drums and 100L cardboard drums. BYK -151 reduces viscosity and improves wetting of pigments and fillers. code: dps-2150 countertype:byk 2150 DISPERSANT 2150 is a 5 0% active polymeric dispersant designed for solvent based coating and ink systems. 6. BYK-3760 is also effective at a lower dosage. 78 Neutr alizing agent Ammonia, conc. TS-6200 is a super-durable pigment that has excellent dispersion properties, high initial gloss and exceptional gloss retention. Its recommended levels based upon titanium dioxide, filler and inorganic pigments are 1. 75 Glycol ether Solvenon PP BASF 0. SCONA TPPP 2112 FA. More diffuse pigmentation can cause a diffuse darkening of iris color, (more apparent in lightly pigmented irides ) If asymmetrical may result in iris heterochromia , with the darker iris being the more affected side. Dispersion is the process of wetting, separating and distributing pigment particles in a medium. In particular, the pigment dispersion of the invention for pigmentation or production of aqueous and solvent-based, colorless and opaque paints and emulsion paints, emulsion paints, printing inks are suitable, for example textile, flexographic , Dekordruck- or gravure printing inks, wallpaper colors; wässrigen, wasserverdünnbaren und lösemittelhaltigen, farblosen und deckenden Lacken, Holzbeizen, Holzschutzsystemen und Lacken zur Oberflächenbeschichtung von Gegenständen aus HEUCOSPERSE™ I: The original high quality resinated dispersion line formulated for a variety of paper and film packaging applications. Y-25X is a dispersion in mineral spirits and is therefore compatible with a wide range of solvent systems. Used in pigment concentrates, industrial coatings, automotive coatings and printing inks. Multi-purpose pigment wetting agent and dispersant, for color pigments, in air-drying paints, RMPC and most industrial systems. 5 - 2%, 0. This can cause eye pressure problems. The pigments are strongly flocculated and BYK® -151 by Byk Altana Group is a solution of an alkylolammonium salt of a polyfunctional polymer with anionic character. We have Detergent Pigment Pastes, Organic Pigment Paste, Fine Pigment Paste, Pigment Emulsion, etc. It provides good storage stability for the system. The colored pigment in the pigment dispersion can determine the color of the pigment photoresist eventually formed. The dispersion paint in this example is a product of upper-medium quality. A stable aqueous pigment dispersion comprising: a pigment particle and a dispersant comprising: (1) a first water-soluble polymer having an acid number of from 0 to 80 and a calculated Mn of from 450 Daltons to 10,000 Daltons; and 2) a second water-soluble polymer comprising, as copolymerized units, from 30% to 100% by weight, based on the weight of said second polymer, sulfonic acid monomer, or a salt thereof; and from 0% to 10% by weight, based on the weight of said second polymer The pigment dispersion may contain more than one pigment, the pigment dispersion or ink may be prepared using separate dispersions for each pigment, or alternatively several pigments may be mixed and co-milled in preparing the dispersion. Epoxy Pigment Dispersions do not mix with WR-LPU Topcoat or SilverTip Yacht Primer. Excellent wetting. It is used in solvent-borne and solvent-free coatings, adhesives, and PVC plastisols. The company manufactures printing inks, overprint varnishes, and dispersions in BYK Additives & Instruments, ECKART Effect Pigments, ELANTAS Electrical  Paint & Coatings (BYK) | Paint & Coatings formulations, data sheets, MSDS search, BYK, ANTI-TERRA-U is the standard wetting and dispersing additive for  19 Apr 2012 BYK has launched its first CNT dispersion. Formulators and producers of adhesives and sealants are offered a wide range of additives, fillers and solutions to achieve specific requirements. It is a very easy to incorporate defoamer for aqueous adhesive systems. Mix. Outstanding controlling flocculation effect for Alumina powder 4. If the viscosity of a premixed dispersion is high then the loss of vehicle can accelerate due to increased temperatures. , 2007, Sowka, 2004 Treatment for pigment dispersion syndrome varies depending on how it is affecting your eye pressure (IOP or intraocular pressure). Here we discuss the role of dispersion in the paint mixing process. In laboratory batch processes, pigment and vehicle. As described later in more detail, suitable measures are BYK offers a variety of pigment dispersers, or paint mixing machines, to support your lab manufactoring needs. This method, along with the use of best-in-class raw materials, also ensures optimal compatibility, proper viscosity and full dispersion every time. Inorganic Pigments. That is why it is so important to have an eye exam with your ophthalmologist. Pigment dispersion syndrome occurs when pigment granules that normally adhere to the back of the iris (the colored part of the eye), flake off into the clear fluid produced in the eye, called the aqueous humor. It is a typi- cal product for specialist dealers and is used predominantly by professionals. Suitable to improve dispersing effect for carbon black 6. 31 Titanium dioxide Kronos 2190 Kronos 5. Processing Yard goods made from Teflon™ aqueous dispersions can be dip-coated with repeated passes until the final desired thickness is obtained. Possesses controlled flocculation of the stabilized pigments and extenders. Introducing Borchi® Boost to improve color acceptance for ready made dispersions and tinting systems in a wide range of basecoats. Additives for Coil Coatings The high line speeds of industrial band coating operations and the subsequent extreme deformation of the coated sheets demand coatings with very good color stability. It improves the dispersion of the carbon black pigments and enables higher pigment contents. TIXOGEL MP 250 does not require an activator. 20 Styrene- acrylic dispersion Acronal S 760, 50% BASF 18. Jochum Beetsma will help you avoid unfocused trails with guidance on how to: Read Technical Data Sheets better to ease ingredient selection; Select additives as per pigment & define the optimal dispersant amount March 07, 2006 Lehigh Valley, Pa. TIXOGEL MP 250 can be effectively utilized as powder in the pigment grind or after the grinding step to correct viscosity. In humans, pigment dispersion is a primary feature of pigment dispersion syndrome and can also occur in pseudoexfoliation syndrome, intraocular melanoma, and uveitis (Ball, 2004, Ritch et al. goldbronze pigments are produced in a dry milling process (Hametag Process). Carbon BYK has also introduced defoamer BYK 1710 for emulsion paints, PU and EP coatings. About 37% of these are coating auxiliary agents, 24% are textile auxiliary agents, and 24% are plastic auxiliary agents. clearly were “BYK 348” “Anti-terra 250” and “EFKA 4580”. Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) happens when the pigment rubs off the back of your iris. High performance dispersing agent in organic pigment and inorganic pigment 2. They are used to determine the optimal level of dispersant required for a given pigment and loading; a lower viscosity and lower amount of dispersant indicate more efficiency. 08 8. A colloidal suspension is characterized by its behavior that the finely divided small par- ticles do not settle under the force of gravity. Thus the pigment dispersing abilities of AQ-320 and   Why can a separation of the solvent in aluminium pigment pastes occur even if I have Usual conditions for dispersing aluminium pigments are to produce a  Aid in pigment dispersion. This pigment then floats around to other parts of the eye. Good wetting effect to pigment and fillings for metallic pigment and ceramic pigment 3. Pigment dispersions from Rublev Colours contain only naturally-derived ingredients, in addition to pigment and water, making them ideally suited for traditional and natural mediums. certain phthalocyanine blue or green shades. Features include: 35% average pigment loading with a 4:1 pigment to binder ratio; plus an extensive color selection that offers the ink chemist a variety of formulating options. 8º, 7. BYK-155 can in most cases be used as the sole dispersing additive. The additive is effective when used in all standard application methods such as rolling, painting, spraying, and pouring. Product Form: Aqueous Fluorescent Pigment Dispersion Specific Gravity: 1. Of the many individuals with pigment dispersion, fewer than half will develop elevated IOP or pigmentary glaucoma. The offered dispersion is perfectly processed using the optimum grade chemical compounds and sophisticated techniques under the strict direction of adroit professionals in tandem with set industry standards. Pigments Dar-Tech provides a wide range of specialty pigments for the Coatings, Ink, Plastics, and Adhesives/Sealants markets. 1127 Series Aqueous Pigment Dispersions Our resin-dispersed series of aqueous dispersions is comprised of an acrylic grinding medium providing outstanding color devleopment and mechanical stability. DISPERBYK / DISPERPLAST With our know-how regarding the integration of solids into dispersions, we created DISPERPLAST, a group of wetting and dispersing We, Kanshu Chemical Industries, were founded in the year 1992 and started Manufacturing, Exporting and Supplying a vast assemblage of Pigment Paste. Defoamer Byk-022 Byk-Chemie 0. This paint contains an anionic pigment dispersant in the form of a neutralized polyacrylic acid polymer. Dispersion should only take place in water (without binders, amines or co-solvents). 2º, 9 BYK-Chemie GmbH, Wesel, Germany, has developed polymeric dispersion additives Disperplast 1018 and Byk-P 4102. The flow agent BYK 360P was provided by BYK -. BYK- P 4102. We provide key raw materials for the formulation of coatings and paints, printing and packaging products, construction chemicals, adhesives, fiber bondings, plastics, paper, and more. Water-based pigment dispersion of claim 13 wherein pigment is inorganic pigment. It is film forming material, is also pigment's dispersion medium and has very important function to pigment's dispersion. CFS-A24 can be used to improve color strength and save cost in industrial coatings and automotive coatings. 3% solvent and 0. 20 It is very likely that such treatment may be beneficial for the preparation of a stable dispersion. Through mechanical energy (impact and shear forces), the pigment agglomerates are broken up Step 3. Relatively young, Caucasian and nearsighted, Joe fits the typical profile for this syndrome. The pre-polymer is the most important basic component in the UV-curable inkjet ink. It improves the pigment dispersion and pigment stability in LS systems. VOC-free, silicone-free polymer-based defoamer for aqueous architectural coatings, plasters, adhesives as well as care products and polishes. 5 for inorganic pigments; suitable for all types of industrial coatings, dispersion of extenders and fillers in composites Improving Pigment Dispersion and Paint Stability with Versatile Amino Alcohols In advanced waterborne coatings, a key aspect to achieving superior performance in a formulation is the paint formulator’s ability to understand all the synergistic effects between individual raw materials. 5% Viscosity 20-150 cps Product Description: The Echo Extra Strength Color dispersions contain approximately 45% fluorescent pigment and no binder. pigment dispersion. For optimum performance, these additives must be incorporated into the millbase before addition of pigments. Higher concentration of electrolytes should be avoided since otherwise the gel structure can be damaged. Prime Polymer Industries was established in 2008 by Mr. Released pigment can deposit in the trabecular meshwork to cause increased intraocular pressure and pigmentary glaucoma. High-quality paints rely on excellent dispersion of pigments in the paint manufacturing process. Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Byk (Altana Group) Trihydroxystearin. Acts as a solvent-free wetting and dispersing agent. INTRODUCTION • A form of secondary open-angle glaucoma characterized by dispersion of pigment granules from the iris pigment epithelium, with deposition throughout the anterior segment A high-performance dispersant designed for the dispersion of inorganic chemistries, ZetaSperse 1200 dispersant has been shown to be highly effective with titanium dioxides, iron oxides, other inorganic pigments and particle chemistries. pigment dispersant typically added to the paint. BYK coatings additives help you meet the challenges typically appearing in paint formulations and offer customized solutions with regard to improved pigment wetting, defoaming, air release, substrate wetting or surface slip. Along with other benefits, they enable functionalities such as flame retardancy, thermal and UV stability, as well as nucleation and anti-fogging. In the second step, another ingredient in the additive enhances processability in the extrusion process. 5%˜87. the mineral platelets. Later compared to Additive A or B. DISPERPLAST® -1018. PIGMENT DISPERSION SYNDROME DR ARPITA 2. Air Products (NYSE: APD) today announced not just one offering, but an entire series of ZetaSperseTM dispersing additive products providing formulators of waterborne coatings and inks the flexibility needed to address the diverse dispersion nature of organic, high-performance organic, inorganic, and carbon black pigments. 75 Iron oxide red Bayferrox 130 M Lanxess 10. These products contain absolutely no glycols or co-solvents, offering broad compatibility with no VOC contribution. BYK, substrate wetting for adhesives BYK P, P improving the dispersion process and giving better pigment and filler reception, enhancing leveling, DOI and substrate wetting. BYK,,silicone free polymer defoamerfor solvent-free radiation curable systems. g. It therefore especially improves substrate wetting and prevents cratering. BYK: Dispersion This website requires certain cookies to work and uses other cookies to help you have the best experience. Supports the effect of DISPERBYK-2118 in terms of color strength and rheology. 02 Mica/Quartz/Chlorite Plastorit 0000 Imerys Talc 9. Additive to prevent phase separation in PS-UP filled molding compounds. Recommended Levels in epoxy dispersion Water based FUNCTION PRODUCT PRODUCER PBW Epoxy Araldite PZ 756/67W Huntsman 21. BYK-W 997, 9011 (for Filled Unsaturated Polyester and Epoxy Systems) BYKOPLAST (Combination of anionic and amphoteric tensides for Non Polar Liquid Color Concentrates Based on Organic Pigments) BYKUMEN (lower molecular weight unsaturated acidic polycarboxylic acid polyester, anionic, to improve pigment wetting and stabilize the pigment dispersion) Alibaba. dispersions whereas a dispersion medium is a liquid phase wherein pigments are dispersed. Heinrich Byk . Dispersing agents are effective under the dyeing conditions and stable to hard water, high temperature and other dye assistants which help to maintain dispersion of dye molecule in the dye bath. At first these dye molecules are formed as large particles and they are made smaller particles by grinding. Pigment is the material that gives your iris its color. Consistency is similar to that used in pebble mills. Coatings Industry Special Features and Beneþts The additive provides a strong reduction in the surface tension of coating systems. The pigment photoresist agent comprises a pigment dispersion which primarily comprises a colored pigment, a dispersant, a binder resin and a solvent. Skip to content BYK, polyacrylate anti-popping and levelling additives for solvent-based automotive and industrial baking systems. Adjust speed as needed to maintain vortex Tioxide TR93 280. Explore the pigment dispersion stability within a powder coating. The adsorption behavior of a surfactant on the CB Kornfeinheit | Pigment Dispersion | High speed pigment dispersion is crucial to the overall success of companies within an ever growing number of industries. It has a low melting point of around 55-60°C and is therefore capable of efficiently wetting pigments prior to the fusing of the polymer carrier. 67 75. Aqueous Dispersions Teflon™ aqueous dispersions are milky white dispersions of PTFE particles in water, stabilized by wetting agents. 80 Calcium carbonate Millicarb BG Omya 10. Breakdown of the associated particles (agglomerates and aggregates) leading to smaller particle sizes 3. Flocculation reduces the size of the phase boundary between pigment and dispersion medium. The rotor creates a centrifugal force that directs the sample through a small opening in the stator. It shows outstanding performance in grinding carbon black as well as organic pigments especially for red organic pigment which is not easy to disperse. 5. Our domain expertise has enabled us to come up with an excellent collection of Ink Pigment Dispersion. Instruction: It should be added before the pigments and fillers are added. The pigment may consist of dispersed melanin pigment itself or pigment that has become engulfed by other cells. Byk® -155/35 Solution of a sodium salt of an acrylate copolymer. Influence of dispersing additives on the conductivity of carbon black pigment dispersion. For the red iron oxide pigment dispersion, we also benchmarked the efficiency of these products against a leading competitor amine product. No supplier has more to offer when it comes to formulating and producing aqueous dispersions and emulsions than Technical Industries. The reasons for choosing Technical Industries are clear: We’re devoted solely to water-based chemicals: aqueous dispersions and emulsions. Efka® FA 4610 Efka® 5010 50 - 140 50 for inorganic pigments; suitable for all types of industrial coatings, dispersion of extenders and fillers in composites (SMC + BMC) Efka® FA 4612 Efka® 5210 100 - 270 < 2. 2008;36(9):868-882. The dispersion of a pigment in liquid coatings, paints or inks to produce stable suspension, can be divided into the following three processes: Mechanisms in the dispersion process Pigment wetting : All of the air and moisture is displaced from the surface and between the particles of the pigment aggregates and agglomerates (clusters) and is The Wetting and Dispersing Process. 2º) of 4. A dispersion comprising at least one dispersion medium, at least one kind of dispersed particulate solid and at least one comb copolymer. With the proper disperser, pigment dispersion can be handled for the applications, quality assurance, and research and development phases. Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) is an eye disorder that can lead to a form of glaucoma known as pigmentary glaucoma. Block copolymer with pigment affinic groups. 45%˜2% nonionic surfactant, based on the total mass of the pigment dispersion. 20 It also has a good dispersion effect on matt powder. 15 Styrene-acrylic dispersion Acronal PRO 80, 50 % BASF 32. For high viscosity liquids it is very time-consuming to remove the air bubbles. Using new polymer technology and a cleaner, more effective new wetting agent, Chemours introduces a new generation of high-performance Teflon™ PTFE dispersion products. 25 Anticorrosive pigment HEUCOPHOS ZMP® Heubach 11. Used in a wide range solvents for pid pigment dispersion, sag and flocculation resistance and anti-skinning properties. An aqueous binder-free pigment dispersion according to one or more of claims 1 to 10 containing further customary for preparing aqueous pigment dispersions additives as component (E) in an amount of 0 to 30 wt . It takes place when pigment cells slough off from the back of the iris and float around in the aqueous humor. A pigment dispersion is obtained in the same manner with use of Disperbyk-111 (acidic polymer dispersant manufactured by BYK Chemie) instead of the dispersant C in Example 3 and with no use of the pigment derivative C. In the second step, another ingredient in the additive enables a better processability in the extrusion process. • Maintain substrate dispersion and improve substrate wetting to pro- mote optimal flow . Nanodays. Efka® PX 4310 has been designed with Controlled Free Radical Polymerization technology (CFRP), allowing to produce polymeric dispersing agents with highly defined polymer architecture and a low polydispersity index. The slurry then remains fluid until a fairly high quantity of the mineral has been added (70 - 80% mineral). Organic Pigments BYK-e 4102 DISPERPLAS1-1018 4102 for PET Dispersion of Solids Of Solids in ps, ABS Dispersion of in Mineral-filed Fib Non-filed Mineral-fi a ed Non-filed Mineral-filed Fiber-re inforred Mineral-filed Fiber-rein forced Mineral-filed Ned Mineral-filed erties Blowing Agents 4102 DISPERPLAST-IOIS Scratch Resistance BYK. Features: 1. 65 Premix and add while mixing. Inkjet Pigment Dispersions Our expertise in fine particle technology and carbon black surface modification has underpinned the success of our aqueous pigment dispersion products. 75 Suggested applications for Y-25X are primers (especially zinc rich primers), high solids systems, and product finishes. It contains many dsorptive groups and designed to disperse carbon black as well as organic & inorganic pigments. V. It stabilizes at low resin Pigment dispersion syndrome (PDS) is a condition that occurs when the midperipheral iris contacts the lens zonules, causing pigment release from the iris pigmented neuroepithelium, which can lead to midperipheral iridial transillumination defects characteristic of the syndrome. BYK PVC Additives grant various functions such as decrease of viscosity Additives for PVC - Wetting And Dispersing Additives  Dispersions & Pigments Division. Acts as a wetting and dispersing additive for filled, unsaturated polyester systems and epoxy systems. More Info; BYK-021. 00 Levelling agent Byk-380N Byk-Chemie 0. pigment concentrates DISPERBYK-106 DISPERBYK-107 DISPERBYK-108 recommended suitable Function These additives deflocculate pigments through steric stabilization of the pigments. BYK-Gardner offers dispersion equipment with a worldwide patented technolgy, C-technology, which continuously measures all important operating parameters: speed, torque, power input and product temperature. A wide variety of byk dispersant options are available to you, such as petroleum additives, coating auxiliary agents, and water treatment chemicals. Due to the incorporated thixotropy, the application Coatings And Controlled Release. Learn more about BYK-Gardner high-quality mixers, laboratory dispersers, pigment dispersers, Dispermats, and grinding systems for laboratory needs. The dispersion process is designed to get fine, solid particles distributed evenly throughout the liquid medium or binder. Mix the additive with water and only add the Þllers and pigments once the additive has been homogeneously and uniformly distributed. 1 These released pigment granules move into the anterior chamber via the convective flow of aqueous humor and Pigment disperser A Standard dispersing agent for inorganic fillers and pigments Ammonium salt of polyacrylic acid 30 Broad formulation latitude Flooring adhesives, ready-to-use tile adhesives, sealants, construction adhesives Pigment disperser md 20 Excellent dispersing perfomance, improves gloss, improves wet scrub resistance, We specialize in creating pigment dispersion technologies that are polymer specific and incorporated directly into the carrier resin, enabling you to create your own custom colors more easily. BYK 057 PDF - BYK is a silicone-free defoamer for solvent-based and solvent-free coatings and inks. More Info; BYK-SYNERGIST 2105. Aqueous Dispersions. The additive reduces viscosity which enables higher filler content. Blowing Agents. Dispersion & Milling Technology: VMA-GETZMANN develops, produces and distributes high quality dispersion and milling systems for laboratory, pilot plant and production worldwide. This process is known as pigment dispersion and the following processes must occur: - Wetting of the pigment surface by the vehicle - De-aggregation of the pigment aggregates to small primary particles DuPont Pigment Dispersion in Liquids - Chemours. Dispersing Agent: Dispersing agents are effective under the dyeing conditions and stable to hard water, high temperature and other dye assistants which help to maintain dispersion of dye molecule in the dye bath. 100% . DISPERBYK®-2012 can be used for resin-containing pigment grinds for both water-reducibles and emulsions. Special Note BYK-154 BYK-9076 is suitable for all pigments and is particularly recommended for stabilizing acidic and neutral carbon black pigments. By using O PTIGEL C L, storage stable systems can be produced. Wetting agents accelerate pigment wetting, dispersing agents stabilize the dispersion. With precision laser cutting and precise forming, you can expect a quality, well balanced blade every time. The binder solution wets the pigment particles and the solid/gaseous interface (pigment/air) Step 2. It is suitable for inorganic and organic pigments, and extenders. VOC-free silicone defoamer for aqueous, pigmented dispersion coatings, printing inks, and paper coatings. When Ross produced the first Three Roll Mill more than 80 years ago, we revolutionized pigment dispersion — with superior . Solsperse™ 28000 is a 100% active polymeric dispersant designed for solvent-based automotive and industrial paints and packaging gravure inks. LAPONITE S482 must be dispersed in water before use and may be added to formulations at any point during. BYK-Gardner instruments objectively measure surface properties. It stabilizes pigments through electrostatic repulsion. Stabilizes the pigment dispersion Increases gloss and improves leveling Suitable for inorganic and organic pigments, and extenders solplus Dp310 and solsperse 21000 hyperdispersants are recommended for the dispersion of pigments and fillers in thermoplastic masterbatch and compound applications. It has good wettability and can shorten the grind time of color dispersion. (2) . Scott A, Kotecha A, Bunce C, et al. rs 1200 3201 TS-6200 is a super-durable pigment that has excellent dispersion properties, high initial gloss and exceptional gloss retention. Although rare, pigment dispersion syndrome and pigmentary glaucoma tend to occur at a younger age than primary open-angle glaucoma. 2% in a red iron oxide and blue 15:3 pigment concentrate allow a significant viscosity reduction. The pigment dispersion stage always requires the input of energy to break down the agglomerates. Water-based pigment dispersion which comprises a pigment dispersing resin of claim 1, pigment, aqueous medium and, as circumstances may demand, basic neutralizer and/or dispersing agent as well. the carrier. DISPERSANT 1630 is 50% active polyurethane dispersant for general use. pigments and extenders, a more uniform distribution of the different particles in the paint is achieved leading to superior coatings performance, especially in opacity, scrub and stain resistance. BYK-SYNERGIST 2100. 14. BYK-3760 greatly increases surface slip and the coating beneÞts from a higher scratch resistance. High dispersion efficiency with low amount and low cost. Raju Narendra Singh at Vapi, Gujarat, India. The Dispersion process can be divided into three individual steps: 1. TIXOGEL® FTN-1564. A pigment dispersion and a method for preparing the same are provided. Mul -purpose pigment we ng agent and dispersant, for color pigments, in air-drying paints, RMPC and most industrial paint systems. pigment dispersion syndrome: increased resistance to flow of aqueous humor through the pupil from the anterior chamber to the posterior chamber, leading to posterior bowing of the peripheral iris against the zonules; a possible mechanism for pigmentary glaucoma. Sedimentation tests to measure HSP values Because talc does not show solubility but dispersion char - acteristics in a solvent, resulting in sedimentation, the BYK This is a group of extremely efficient and widely applicable additives to support the processing and product properties of PVC plastisols, thermosets and thermoplastics. Conductivity decreases with increasing additive concentration, but in the case of the chemically bonded additive, BYK® -154. Recommended Levels Defoamer Byk-022 Byk-Chemie 0. Product Search Here you can search our products according to the following characteristics: Application All Coatings Cosmetics Functional applications Printing industry Plastics Aerosols and paints BYK®-W 972 prevents phase separation in PS-UP filled moulding compounds. Silicone defoamer for aqueous pigment concentrates and printing inks. 5-1% additive (as supplied) based upon the resin, to prevent phase separation. Wide range of products. 7. BYK-Gardner manufactures innovative measuring instruments for quality control of paints and plastics. Prime Polymer Industries is engaged in manufacturing and supplying of Fluorescent Pigment Dispersion, which is further used in manufacture of Fluorescent Adhesives, Acrylic Emulsions, Organic Chemicals and Textile Chemical Auxiliaries. The additive is extremely well suited to being incorporated without high shear forces in very low viscosity systems. 25 Styrene-acrylic dispersion Acronal LR 8977, 50 % BASF 48. These materials for the dispersion of pigments in polyurethane dispersions at 4 – 6% on total formulation . In HMC, BYK®-W 972 optimises the fibre wetting and therefore the mechanical properties. Dispersions & Pigments BASF supplies a unique portfolio of pigments, binders and additives. Used in eye products, lip products, sun-care preparations, EPS 2741 is a versatile polymer offering excellent performance when formulated into Architectural DIY and / or Professional paint formulations. It has excellent effect for grinding high surface area carbon black. The ADD-VANCE series of products selectively optimize the properties of thermoplastic materials. Abstract: The invention relates to stable dispersions of inorganic nanoparticles, comprising inorganic nanoparticles in a dispersion medium, the dispersions being admixed with at least one stabilizer from the group of (i) modified, more particularly hydrophobically modified, preferably urea-modified polyurethanes and (ii) modified ureas, more particularly urea urethanes, and also mixtures and Standard pigment dispersant for polar pigments, such as TiO 2, in air-drying paints and most industrial systems. Introducing Borchi® Boost. Pigment Dispersion These blades are excellent for low shear blending or high shear dispersion. 70 Wetting agent Byk-346 Byk-Chemie 0. Dispersion of an organic red pigment; the pigment dispersion was prepared without wetting and dispersing additive. It was found that the BYK 2150 dispersant providing the highest adsorption level on CB particles by strong acid/base interaction leads to better dispersion stability of CB within the slurry, which resulted from enhanced repulsive force between particles by forming strong steric hindrance at the solid–liquid interface. Stabilization of the dispersion preventing renewed association (flocculation) Pigment particles can be divided into three classes: Primary particles = crystal Pigment Dispersion | High speed pigment dispersion is crucial to the overall success of companies within an ever growing number of industries. Practical Guide to  Learn more about BYK-Gardner high-quality mixers, laboratory dispersers, pigment dispersers, Dispermats, and grinding systems for laboratory needs. Add the dispersion to the epoxy resin (Part A), then measure that mixture in the proper proportion with the hardener (Part B). Pigment deposition on the zonular apparatus may allow visualization of the radial anterior zonules as they traverse the posterior chamber to the anterior lens surface. 78 pigment milling equipment designs provide air-tight environment and as a result the vehicle (dispersion medium) can evaporate during milling for extended time periods. The dispersant-demand curves are plots of dispersion viscosity versus amount of dispersant for a pigment at a set amount (loading) of pigment in the dispersion. (cup viscometer) from BYK-Gardner GmbH. It is also a skin conditioning agent and an occlusive (or water repellent). BYK, substrate wetting for adhesives BYK P, P improving the dispersion process and giving better pigment and filler reception, enhancing leveling, Hyk and substrate wetting. Improving Pigment Dispersion and Paint Stability with Versatile Amino Alcohols In advanced waterborne coatings, a key aspect to achieving superior performance in a formulation is the paint formulator’s ability to understand all the synergistic effects between individual raw materials. Titanium dioxide: Inorganic pigment: 1-4% 2-10%. 1 The benefits can be split into three basic Polymeric pigment dispersants were discussed . in Houthalen supplies fluorescent pigments to customers in on two production lines ; a polycondensation line and a dispersion line. pigment agglomerates are broken up and accordingly reduced to their particle size. In HMC, BYK-W 972 optimizes the fiber wetting and therefore the mechanical properties. BYK coatings additives – high performance additives for your paint formulations. BYK-3760 greatly increases surface slip and the coating benefits from a silicone. Acid copolymer. YAG laser peripheral iridotomy for the prevention of pigment dispersion glaucoma a prospective, randomized, controlled trial. BYK-P 4102 adsorbs on the pigment or filler surface, thus ensuring improved and more consistent dispersion. 14 Demi. Silicone-containing defoamer for aqueous pigment concentrates and glycol pastes for use in printing inks and coatings. 35 Magnesium silicate Talkum 20 M 2 Luzenac 14. END USES Performance properties include: Excellent balance of properties for use in flat through semi-gloss architectural coatings. ANTI-TERRA® -P by Byk (Altana Group) is a solution of a phosphoric acid salt of long chain carboxylic acid polyamine amides. Synopsis of Pigment Dispersion Market: Pigment Dispersion is a suspension of insoluble solid particles either in organic solvent or water. 5 – 1%, 2 - 10% respectively. It generally requires a special apparatus and the use of additives to remove the air. Disperbyk-190 15. van der Waals) between the particles. Metallic and pearlescent pigments for industrial coatings. byk pigment dispersion

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